Foundation and Empire - Isaac Asimov

March 4, 2021 | 1 min

This is the second book from the foundation's original trilogy. The pacing is way slower compared to the first book, and in some way it executes it nicely, going into more detail about each character and how the events happened. It makes sense too, because this book marks a huge turning point in the story, that happens very quickly, hence the change of pacing.

That said, I think it loses some of the novelty from the first one and it seldom gave me a deep insight like the first one did. I fell that I have to finish the Second Foundation to make my mind about this book and put it into perspective. But for now I give it a ok out of meh rating, as compared to the first one, that (to me) is much more interesting as it presents many new concepts and ideas that aren't built upon in Foundation and Empire.