Hey there I'm Gabriel Schneider.

I have dedicated myself for a long time in compilers, programming languages, competitive programming, and in low level / embedded development.

I also dabble in multiple forms of Art, I'm a big blender fan, drawing stuff on paper and digitally (sometimes with code), making some music and making some videos too.

Feel free to reach me out for feedback, project ideas, (anything really), on social media or at:

gabrielschneider100 at protonmail dot com

My biggest inspirations for building this blog are:

For HTML generation this website uses zola. Depending where you're reading this website is either on Github Pages or self-hosted by me. I write my blogs on my Dropbox folder in they're sent automatically here, I wrote a custom script for it.

Most of the source code is hosted here.

Se here for a historic backgroud of how my notes system evolved.


Current and past projects.